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ENERGIA.TEC: The top event of the industry on October 11 – 13, 2024!

Greece’s ultimate meeting point for the electrical industry is back again in 2024!

The 5th ENERGIA.TEC, which is the most specialized international exhibition in Greece for Electrical Equipment, Lighting, Security Systems and Electro-mobility, is set to take place from October 11th to October 13th, 2024, at the MEC exhibition center in Athens, Greece, with exhibitors and visitors already planning their meetings.

Since 1991, T-Press has remained committed to its vision of serving and supporting the country’s most significant sectors in the best possible way. Now, once again commits to highlighting a modern and dynamic industry through the ENERGIA.TEC exhibition, with the ultimate aim of contributing to its growth.

Following the most successful event of 2022, the 5th ENERGIA.TEC is set to attract key market players once again, who through the exhibition will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services and engage with thousands of visitors. Leading manufacturers, importers and distributors will be present to demonstrate new technologies, innovations and solutions, available on the Greek market, in order to offer professionals and individuals a comprehensive and complete experience for every aspect of modern electrical engineering.  


The preparations for the ENERGIA.TECForum’s parallel three day event have begun. The top players in the industry, as well as institutions, organizations and universities, that have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition, are also expressing interest in the conference program through the organization of workshops. The 2022 Forum, which exceeded all expectations, leaves no doubt that the conference part of ENERGIA.TEC has been established as the fixed meeting point of the industry, which no one should miss!

  • You can view the categories in which the companies that can participate in the exhibition operate here.
  • You can view the categories of visitors that the exhibition is addressed to here.
  • Admission to the exhibition is free.

4th international exhibition ENERGIA.TEC: Great success for the industryʼs top meeting point!

Exhibitors and visitors of the 4th ENERGIA.TEC are going to meet again in 2024, after the exhibition’s impressive success this year which confirmed that ENERGIA.TEC is the ultimate meeting point for the fields of electrical equipment, lighting, security systems and e-mobility in Greece!

With more exhibitors than ever before, with highly satisfied visitors and exhibitors and with a dynamic program of events, international exhibition ENERGIA.TEC was completed for the 4th time.

From October 21 to 23, 2022, the only specialized exhibition in Greece for electrical equipment, lighting, security systems and e-mobility attracted thousands of visitors, surpassing the expectations of the organizing company Technoekdotiki / T-Press. The exhibition gathered more quality visitors, while the participation from every region of the country was particularly dynamic.  

The visitors had the opportunity to see and get to know up close innovative products, solutions and new technologies from leading companies that highlighted the great dynamics and prospects of the sector. It is no coincidence that several of this yearʼs exhibitors have already renewed their participation for October 2024, while ENERGIA.TEC won the vote of confidence from even more new companies in the field that have already decided to take part for the first time in 2024, further upgrading the quality of participations.


The opening of 4th ENERGIA.TEC

The exhibition’s opening took place on the evening of the first day, in the presence of Greece’s politicians and representatives from organizations that support the exhibition with their auspices.


Key market players had the opportunity to provide answers and solutions for cutting-edge issues through workshops and events. The ENERGIA.TEC Forum highlighted all the developments of the sector, from the certification of electrical equipment, the connection of lighting with the environment and smart home technologies to the new trends in security systems, e-mobility and photovoltaics.

See you in October 2024!

Mrs. Voula Mourta and Technoekdotiki / T-Press partners express their warm thanks to the exhibitors, the Forum participants and the visitors, as well as to all those who supported and contributed to the organization of ENERGIA.TEC.

We are renewing our meeting for 2024!


ENERGIA.TEC 21-23 October 2022 in Athens, Greece!

Greece’s leading exhibition for electrical equipment, lighting, security systems and e-mobility will host the sectors leading companies and a full and dynamic program of events.


The 4th international exhibition ENERGIA.TEC is being prepared to welcome thousands of professionals from the field of electrical equipment, lighting, security systems and e-mobility. The exhibition, which will take place from 21 to 23 October at the MEC exhibition center in Paiana, is going to surpass all previous ones and bring together leading companies, agencies, organizations and universities to present their products and services and discuss the cutting-edge trends and technological innovations in the field.



The sector’s changes and technological developments are advancing at a rapid pace and for one more year, the three-day ENERGIA.TEC Forum will cover every aspect. The top meeting point of the industry will offer the opportunity to key market players to discuss and exchange views on common challenges and achievements and to present their work.



The trade fair hosts manufacturers, importers and agents of:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Lighting
  • Security Systems
  • E-Mobility
  • Automation
  • Telecommunications and Electronic Equipment
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Software
  • Power Generation and Distribution



ENERGIA.TEC addresses the following types of visitors:

  • Traders of Electrical Equipment, Lighting and Security Systems
  • Electricians Installers and Contractors
  • E-Mobility Dealers and Importers
  • Industry Executives
  • Hoteliers
  • Engineers, Architects and Designers
  • Lighting Designers and Decorators
  • Shipping Companies Executives
  • Executives of the Construction Companies and the Technical Services of Public Organizations and Local Self-Government
  • Chambers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Embassies 

New name for Elec.tec…


The 4th international exhibition on electrical equipment, lighting, security systems and e-mobility

21-23 October 2022 in Athens, Greece! 


We observe, we listen, we evolve!


It is with great pleasure that we announce the renaming of the international exhibition Elec.tec to ENERGIA.TEC.

Changes and technological developments in the field of electrical equipment, lighting, security systems, e-mobility, automation, are advancing at a rapid pace and make it necessary to rename the exhibition in a way that reflects and includes the modern image of the industry.


This is the new chapter that begins for us, both symbolic and essential. We have chosen the extended term energy / ENERGIA as we believe that it best conveys the multidimensional character of the sector we serve. It marks the evolution and innovation that one will encounter when visiting our exhibition. It further strengthens our vision for this event that has been built steadily and dynamically since 2016.

At the same time, this change is for us a constant reminder, but also a commitment, for the role we have to play, each time raising the bar higher and organizing exhibitions proportional to the size and prestige of this sector.

See you in the 4th international exhibition ENERGIA.TEC on October 21-23, 2022!




Voula Mourta

Managing Director

Technoekdotiki / T-Press



«ENERGIA.TEC 2022» will be full of surprises!

Tens of thousands of visitors, exhibitors and participants to the 3rd International “Elec.Tec” promised to meet again in 2022. “Elec.Tec” has been well established as an institution dedicated to promoting every single aspect of the industry. 


Full house for the brightest exhibition of 2020!

“Elec.tec”, Greeceʼs most specialized exhibition on electrical equipment, lighting and security systems made its debut in 2016. It meant to become a point of reference for the whole industry and promote its huge potential.


Elec.tec 2020: The brightest event for lighting at the Elec.tec Forum

Dr George Fatseas Architect at the NTUA, MSc UCL Environmental Design Bartlett, PhD UCL Daylight, has the honor to invite you to an event that most certainly turn to a debate: ʼIs there a future to lighting design micro-cosmos?ʼ

Greek experts and specialists on lighting will attend. 


3rd International Exhibition ELEC.TEC 2020

21-24 February 2020, M.E.C. Peania, Athens

 Opening Hours:

Friday 21 February 2020 10:00-20:00

Saturday 22 February 2020 10:00-20:00

Sunday 23 February 2020 10:00-20:00

Monday 24 February 2020 10:00-19:00

  • Free admission
  • Free transport

ʼE l e c - T e cʼ: The brightest exhibition also sheds light on «smart homes»

The leading exhibition for electrical equipment, lighting and security systems is under way with a new aesthetic perspective and quality data


The 3rd «Elec.Tec» exhibition is both international and upgraded

Global trends in electrical materials, lighting and security systems, as well as all related categories, are in show along with smart networking solutions for homes and professional facilities.


Renewed and dynamic: the 2nd ʼElec.Tecʼ international exhibition is under way

  Renewed and dynamic: the 2nd ʼElec.Tecʼ international exhibition is under way


Preparations for the great exhibition on electrical material, lighting and equipment has started founded in market trust and support


       The 2nd "Elec.Tec 2018" international exhibition on electrical material, lighting and equipment is coming richer, stronger and renewed. Following the first successful organization, the market prepares to showcase the best it has to offer between 23 and 26 February 2018, at Paiania MEC.
Several of the largest manufacturers of electrical material in Greece and representatives of large foreign companies have already filed their participation in the 2nd "Elec-Tec" international exhibition and they are ready to present the most contemporary products available in the European market. 

        The goal is to establish new contacts and commercial partnerships so as to boost the market economic cycle and proceed to the works required for energy upgrades of public infrastructure, professional sites and residences.



The game changer exhibition


ʼElec.Tecʼ: The game changer exhibition



Following the success of the first organization, the 2nd international exhibition of Electrical Material & Lighting "Elec.Tec" opens doors from 23 to 26 February 2018

       Briefing businesses producing and marketing electrical equipment and lighting, the 2nd international "Elec.Tec" exhibition comes for targeted presentation of one of the most dynamic market sectors.

      The international "Elec.tec" has been scheduled for the period between 23 and 26 February 2018, at the Paiania MEC Exhibition Centre. Already, businesses from Greece and abroad are booking places for next year, confirming that targeted exhibitions have a cause and a role to play in the efforts for the economy rebirth.

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